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Side Door SEO

I am currently working on a brand new SEO course titled...

Side Door SEO: The Fastest Way To Rank High on Google In Less Than 15 Minutes a Day Using Only Free Tools (The Best SEO Tips & Hacks for Regular People)

This course is a detailed case study of how I took my website from Page 10 to Page 1 on Google.

And not just Page 1, but ranking in the TOP 3 of a majority of Google searches for keywords related to my product's niche.

Getting to Page 1 and the other SEO tactics in this course together increased my Sales by over a whopping 3,000% in less than 6 months.
  • Not your run-of-the-mill, overpriced SEO course
  • No expensive tools required
  • No expensive subscriptions to online services
  • No need to hire anyone (unless you want to) - you can do this yourself
  • No building a bunch of spammy websites
  • No using crappy software to spit out crappy articles
  • No need to build a network of websites
  • No doing anything Black Hat or even Gray Hat
  • Nothing but White Hat tactics and hacks
  • No need to wait for months or even a year to see the results
  • No guest-posting
  • No buying links
  • No hunting and begging for .edu links
  • No paying for content generation
  • No hiring any SEO "experts"
  • No need to work on your website hours and hours a day
  • Just 15 minutes a day for a few weeks.
  • Got more time? Great! Spend 15-30 minutes and you can get results even sooner.
  • You could start seeing results in just a few weeks
  • Sometimes, you could even see the result within days if you execute some of the highest payoff tactics which literally could take just minutes of your time
  • You can do it until you see the results for a few keywords and then stop. Or you keep going whenever you find time. It's a simple set of repetitive tasks. Do however little, or however much.
  • All you need are a couple of free online tools and some time
  • It helps if you are the the Subject Matter Expert
  • How a brand spanking new, never-discovered-before tactic that takes less than 1/2 hour to implement (one-time) gave my site a huge bunch of SEO boost.
  • Not even SEO experts seem to know about this
  • SEO is more than just building links - you'll learn exactly why that is, what it is, and how to execute it for the quickest results without compromising the integrity of your website or brand
  • Side Door SEO is not about building a crap-ton of incoming links.
  • It's about building a small bunch of high-quality incoming links from the right websites
  • NO, it does not NOT involve getting links from high DA sites, high authority or high-traffic sites or even government websites. None of that nonsense.
  • This is something no one is practicing or teaching.

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